Tired, Dragging & In Need of Long Hot Bath!

Ahh, tranquility it is hard to find in our busy days that blur into night.  You are more precious than you can possibly imagine my precious Eve!.  You are loved and cherished by those you love, even when they fail to say it to you on a daily basis.  I know there are times you may feel like there is a hole in your heart and soul and that you failed today, that you didn’t make a difference and that your list had nothing marked off, but you do make a difference to those who look up to you to feed them, wipe away their tears, hug them, tuck them in tonight and kiss them.

Believe this – you are worth more than fine gems!  You have within you the ability to make great decisions, make a difference in the lives of those your hold in your arms and those you interact with each day.  You have it within you to be a great parent, spouse, neighbor & friend.  You have beauty inside and outside and you do not have to be adorned with what the world says is beautiful to make a difference in another persons life.   Your voice is the one that your loved one longs to hear.  It is your face they long to see.  It is your arms they long to have wrapped around them and hold them tight.  Don’t let another day go by without saying:  “I Love You” to those who matter the most to you.

Now, what about you?  Who is filling your “love tank”?  Are you in a false relationship with that device in your hand?  Are you dwelling in a false relationship with something or someone who isn’t depositing what you really need in your life?  Have you given up and crawled into a hole and pulled everything inside and now are peering out through a hole looking at the world from the safe place you have created for yourself?

There is help for you, I can help you.  Let me come along beside you and be your friend and reach there in the darkness and extend my hand in friendship.  Won’t you take it and step into the light with me?  Please don’t stay locked away there, together we can sort things out.

I’d like to offer you access to a 5 week program of mine entitled Awareness>Growth>Freedom at no charge to you.  I’d like to help you understand your value, enable you to make decisions, know what life principles are, how to use critical thinking skills, understand how that hole in your soul and heart begins and how to recognize it and each lesson is designed to fill you the skills to put your feet back under you and get you back in the business of living and contributing in your professional and personal life again.  You’ll even have time for that nice hot bubble bath!  Want to begin, it is free to you….just fill in the your name and email and your fist lesson will be delivered to your in box immediately. 

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