Time To Breathe

Well, it is Friday once again, whew…….I can finally breathe again….OH NO I can’t, I have this for the kids tonight and tomorrow we have this and Sunday we are going……Does this sound like your weekend?

What I hear you telling me is that: You have no down time!  Did you know that this: “No Down Time” is the #5 top of the top 10 things that are the top issues in the lives of women.

Each and every one of us experiences “burn out” and our tolerance level varies with our age, our economic level in life, the clarity of what is next for us, where we are in the process of raising children and the transitions that are inevitable in life. 

Do you know what happens inside your body when, we do not take the time to rest?  OK, I know you feel tired and have fuzzy thinking, but what about at a deeper physiological level; what happens?  Here are some facts:

* Reaction Time slows down

*Our Cognitive Ability to solve problems decreases substantially

*Our thinking becomes disconnected and we cannot follow concepts to their natural conclusion

*Our bodies do not have the proper amount of time to repair at a cellular level

*Our personality is altered (such as being short tempered for instance)

Those are only a few things that happen.  What do you think happens to our relationships?  Again, they break down.  We say and do things that we normally do not do if we have enough rest.

Here’s another thing that I am sure I will get push-back on and that is that we are not capable of “multitasking”.  I know you do not believe me, because I truly did not believe this either, until I actually did an exercise in a seminar on neuroscience with a partner and saw it in “non-action” for myself.  A very simple variation of this is the childhood task of patting the top of your head while rubbing your belly at the same time.

Down Time has to be planned into your schedule, until it becomes so important that the rest of your week is planned around your down town.  When it truly becomes you number 1 priority you will see a big difference in your own life.