The Waiting Game

“WAIT” is a hated four letter word.   No one wants to hear this as the answer to their question or desire.  We all recoil like a rattlesnake when we hear it said or realize this is the outcome to something we’ve been pursuing.

Have you ever become aware that waiting, actually was the very best thing for you, your circumstances, your family and or your life?  We are an impatient lot we humans.

This pause, this wait, this suspending of time is a wonderful reprieve from the stress, the load, the burden, the constraints which will fall on you soon enough, so what can you do during this waiting period?  I can tell what most of us do.  We cross our arms and puff up and pout because we didn’t get what we want, when we wanted it.  Just like a two year old.  What are pouting about right now?  In what area of your life is it in?

Many of us merely throw up our hands and disengage in many areas of our lives and allow our world and our circumstances to simply fall apart.  This response to the word “wait” injures the entire family and everyone suffers because of your decision to pout and disengage.  How fast does it take your home to become a total mess, when you disengage?   You begin by uttering these words:  “…..I don’t feel like it, I’ll do it later, I can’t even begin to think about that now…later…later…later”  You look around and you are knee deep in a mess.  This only adds to the overall stress and disengagement in your life and your relationships.

Waiting is not “passive” disengagement.  It is a time to sharpen and hone other areas of your life in preparation for the outcome of your wait.  What do you mean, you may ask?

Sometimes the wait is due to other areas in your life being neglected, out of balance and in need of your love,  time, attention and expertise.

There are times when other people, events, pieces of the bigger picture, our attitude, relationships with others or any number of other things must evolve and be in place before your “nod of approval” – “your yes” can be put into play.

We’ve all experienced “buyers remorse” and wish we’d never seen the item, never gone shopping, or been goated by our peers to make the purchase.  If we had said: “…I’ll wait and think about it for a week before I buy…”, we usually will not buy the item.  We could just simply pass on the invitation to go shopping and direct the activity to something else like coffee outside the mall or going to someones home instead.  You see changing our environment counters our desire and need.  We are deliberately disconnecting from the “wait”.

If the a wait scenario is in an area where you literally are staring it in the face say at work, there are things you can do to remove the constant mental loop we all get caught up in.  What can I do, you may ask?

Make a commitment to focus your mind, efforts, energy and skills to improving where you are right now.  Do your job as if it is brand new like when you first started before the cynic in you rose up, the complainer arrived and the apathetic work ethic showed up.  I encourage you to take advantage of the  job training and skills enhancement which your company may offer.  This is free, valuable education and it expands your skill base.

If you are one of those who haven’t taken your vacation in years – take one!  You may be burnt out.  The break, the change in environment will disengage the negative self talking loop in your head.

Another great way to pass time is to volunteer and see how good you have it and how blessed you already are compared to others less fortunate than you.  Focusing on the needs of others creates an opening in your heart and grows your compassion.

Grab some paper and write down all your frustrations, longings, and anger.  This is a great activity to reduce stress and releases all sorts of good stuff inside of you.  Then tear it up, or burn it or shred it.  This again releases the stress inside of you.

If you are a believer, fall on your face before God and cry out.  After all He’s been right there beside you this entire time holding on to you, even when you weren’t aware of His presence.  Ask what it is you need to learn during this waiting period.  Ask for direction and focus too.  He is already putting people, events, and circumstances in place for you.

When every thing and every person is in place then the waiting will be over.  Sometimes the change has to come from you.  Sometimes other pieces of the bigger picture have to be in place before you can proceed.

What are you waiting for?