The Victim Mask!

Here we are at the second of our five masks that we all wear at times in our lives.

Today we will look at the mask which presents itself as “The Victim”.

We all know someone who is wearing this mask proudly!  I always want to ask the question:  Who would that person be without that “Victim” story that they live 24 – 7 ?

What does the “victim” mask look and feel like?

The Victim Mask:  *see life as unfair to them

*the person views themselves as a martyr

*please take pity on me!

*I am the story

*I take no responsibility for where I am or what has happened to me

*It is someone else’s fault

*backward thinking

*this person is stuck in the “if-only” mode of thinking and justifying their life

*words like:  “I can’t”,  “I shouldn’t”, and “I have to” repeatedly fly out of their mouth

*life is hopeless

*I am helpless

*I attract people who are caregivers, those who want to rescue me, and those who are looking to get approval.

Now that’s just sad isn’t it.  Yet we all have been there in that “pitty party”!

How does one remove this mask?

**Start with an attitude check

**Then look at your perspective on life

**See all the options and the consequences for this state of being

**Think about your responses before you answer or speak to “catch” yourself in victim masking language

**Answer this:  Who would I be without this “woe is me” tale?

**Find yourself a mentor and a role model whom you can work with

**Get yourself an accountability partner to “catch” you and help you out of “victim” mode.

**Change those people that you hang around with who are enabling you!