The Value of Decision Making

Over the past several posts, I have been talking about the importance of “Decision Making” in all of its forms.

We have discussed:  “Making Decisions”, “How To Make Decisions”, “Bad Decisions”, “Life Decisions”, “Good Decisions”, “Great Decisions”, “How to Make Better Decisions”, “Making Hard Decisions”, “How To Make Good Decisions”, and  “Unable To Make Decisions”.  They may sound similar, but they are not.  When you are stuck in any one of these topics your life is in real turmoil for the most part.

The only way a person can learn how to make decisions is to know some very basic things and if these are missing, then you will learn through trial and error and as you already know…’s mostly error.

What can strengthen your odds of making a good or even a great decision?

I think the greatest value in any decisions is knowing what you believe about the topic of the decision.

What do you mean?

Well, let’s take an area of life that we all have issues around:  “Our Relationships”.

And as we already know there are all types of “Relationships”  in our lives.  We have Intimate Relationships, Social Relationships, Professional Relationships, and Friendships.

Let’s take the relationship which is wrapped up in “Friendship”.

What do you believe a “great friendship” looks like, sounds like, etc.?

Where did you learn that?

What are your boundaries around “friendship”?

Where did you learn to set those boundaries?

How do you go about making a decision about who you will let “INTO” your life in the role of “Friend”?

If you do not know the answers to these questions, my guess is that your “Friendships” are not very rewarding nor fulfilling.

Perhaps you just “tolerate” others in a loosely formed group.

When we know the answers to these questions posed above, friendships can be lifelong and sometimes stronger than the bond of marriage.

What do you think?



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