“The Tiara Effect”

Every year for the past 5 years, my sisters and I have participated in a new ritual.  Since we all flew the nest and started our own families and lives, careers, and marriages we like many of you siblings did not live within driving distance of each other.  In fact you actually needed to take a plane ride if you really wanted to visit any one of us.

I read a magazine article a decade earlier about something called a “Girlfriends Weekend”.  These women who were all college sorority sisters got together every year and had a wonderful weekend.  I won’t go into all the planning details, but they were extensive and so much fun to read and see the results in the smiling faces in the article.

I suggested to my sisters that we could do this same thing.  There is about a decade between the oldest and youngest and the spread of ages of our children made it an uphill challenge to get together and leave the younger children in the care of their Dads.  You know mothers…..children might not be fed for hours on end or forgotten about….not true by any means, but our head does a number on all of us!

After much planning we did finally get together for the first time 5 years ago and since we all were started from scratch the ideas were limitless as to what we could do, how we would do this long weekend and where we would go.  There was just one rule….no other people could be involved.   It was and still is a “GIRLS ONLY” event!

We decided to put our theme around a birthday blowout party.  There was a cake for each of us which was our favorite in a “tea party” format.  We have treat bags with our favorites, lots of decorations, and a gift which is within a certain dollar limit.  We hold our birthday party on the day of the long weekend which is not the best to be outside.

For the first birthday party, I bought everyone one of those “prom queen” tiaras.

Have you ever put on a real tiara?  There is some kind of transformation that occurs.  A girl, or a woman is transformed.  She places the tiara, she does not “put” the tiara.   A woman stands and sits straighter when a tiara is placed on her head.  If it is a young girl, she becomes the little princess.  (Just go to and Disney Theme Park and look at those little girls being outfitted in the Princess Parlors).

This past year one of my sisters found on the web these great pink drawstring bags with a “tiara” embroidered on them.  She gave them to us as our gift for our tiaras.

I encourage you all to get yourself a “family tiara” and place it on any young girls head when she is the birthday girl, you should be presented it on “Mother’s Day” and on your birthday too.  I also encourage you to get your Mom a tiara for her next birthday and tell her that she is a “Queen” in your heart and encourage her to be lifted up and royal for the day.

When you are feeling blue, put on your tiara and remember that you are worth more than you can ever imagine!

You are a princess!