The Thoughts & Feelings of the hole

What are the real challenges of any woman on any given day of any year of her life?

Here are a few of the thoughts and feelings of the female hole:

Feelings of emptiness after the completion of a task.

Unfulfilled when working

Feeling of a hole in your very core or spirit

Satisfaction in tasks are empty after you complete them

What seemed important yesterday is not important today

The feeling of incongruence in your life

The feeling or thought that I am “stuck”

I cannot make a clear decision

I have NO choices

I am in pain all the time (emotionally, physically, socially, financially etc)

Nothing satisfies me

I am receiving constant “push-back” in all areas of my life

I am overwhelmed to the point of confusion

I am unable to take forward action

The good life seems to be growing dimmer

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