The Rescuer Mask

Here we are at mask number 5:  “The Rescuer Mask”.  This again is a mask that needs little explanation.  We all know one of these masked women!  Mom’s are notorious for rescuing children who would be better served it they were allowed to suffer the consequences of their poor choices!

Here’s how to spot a “Rescuer”:

*She has a comprehensive need to help others

*She finds people to save (even if they don’t it saving or want to be saved)

*She thinks that:  “….no one can do it alone…”   “THEY NEED ME!”

*She needs to be needed by someone or something.

*She thinks she can judge what is best for everyone else.

*Her self worth is based on being about to help others.

How can the Rescuer, remove the mask?

**She can ask a simple question:  “Why do I feel that this person needs to be rescued in the first place?”

**She can ask:  “Does this person really need my help or am I just butting in and this is none of my business?”

**She can ask:  “Am I doing this to get fulfillment?”

**She can ask:  “Am I doing this because of unconditional love.