The Proof is in Growth

Once a person realizes they are in trouble they need to put a process in place where growth can occur.  As a coach, I continually help my clients learn how to put  short term winnable growth plans in plans that they can implement on a weekly basis so they can gain so ground back from their chaotic lives.  When a person is careening out of control they need some way to reel things back in and they can do that in small ways each week.

One of the ways I teach clients to do that is very simple.  Whatever you usual bed time is set a new time of 30 minutes earlier.

So 30 minutes before you go to bed, do the following:

1.  check all the doors.

2.  plug in all your devices (phones, computers (turn off all of their alerts) etc on a floor or room which is furthest from your bedroom)

3.  turn off all the lights.

4.  take a relaxing bath or shower

5.  lay on the floor and do some deep breathing

6.  go into your children’s room and just watch them for a moment sleeping and kiss them good night

7.  climb into bed (if you are married or in a relationship, spend some time with that person)

8.  count your blessing for the day and go to sleep.

This will not take 30 minutes… will take you some time to get used to doing this…..just try it for one week……..your life will not end if you do this….you may become anxious, and nervous at not having your connectivity, but you will not lose anything…you will gain something infinitely more……let me know what that is.



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