The Power Spiral in Business and Personal Life

There are 5 stages within the Power Spiral.  We each use some stage in our lives everyday.  We use them to get what we want in the circumstance that we want it.  Are you congruent in your use of the Power Spiral?  This question begs some introspection.  In order to know if you are congruent, you need to know what that means.  Being congruent in its simplest terms means:  acting, and thinking from the inside out in every circumstance in our lives.  Our business persona behaves, thinks and acts exactly as our private persona.  When we are out of alignment we exhibit all sorts of strange behaviors, actions, our words do not match from one moment to the next.  We get caught in our own web of destruction.

Here are the 5 stages in abbreviated stance:

Stage 1     Surprise:  In this stage we are truly surprised at the things which come with the power of the position.

Stage 2     Self Esteem Issues:  In this stage we adopt the posture that; “i really need this in order to keep my power”

Stage 3    Satisfaction:  In this stage we take the more extreme posture that; “I deserve this in order to maintain control over those whom have given me power.”

Stage 4     Selfishness:  In this stage a person takes the stance:  “I demand the following in order to be in a position of power.”

Sage 5      Abandonment:  At the bottom of this spiral we see and experience the worst in a leader in power;  “I no longer hold any one or any thing in high esteem but, myself, it is all about me.”  These words are not said but the actions of this final stage are evident in the actions of the person in power.

A person in business is measured by how they use the power “entrusted” to them.  Power is meant as a tool for “serving”.  Words like good judgement, high moral character, good decision maker and so on come with this lifting up of a person to wear the mantel of power.

A person in their private life is also measured by how they use the power “entrusted” to them as a spouse, as a parent, as a friend, or perhaps as a caregiver.  Trust is broken when this power is abused in even the smallest way.

How are you using your power of influence today?  Whom are you lifting up?  Where are you in the power spiral?