The Intellectual Mask

Mask number four is the Intellectual Mask.  There are many women who wear this mask which traditionally falls to men, but plenty of women do see themselves as intellectuals.

Here are some of the signs of a woman who is wearing the Intellectual Mask:

*She has academic prowess

*She has difficulty relating to others

*She prefers to think rather than to feel

*She is cold and detached

*She stiffens up when “hugged”

*She is structured and loves rules and regulations

*She hides her feelings at all times

*She really believes that:   emotions = weakness

How can this woman remove her mask and become more approachable and real to those in her life?

**She can turn the conversation from factual statements to feeling statements.

**She can actively listen for others’ words which are “emotionally” spoken with feeling words.

**She can see this shift as a balance between her head and her heart.

**She can practice the items above to raise her own awareness