The Heart Speaks

There is a saying that “…out of abundance the heart speaks…”  What is your heart saying lately?

If you are like most Women-In-Business you are pushed beyond just overload and you are into sleepless nights worrying about everything from the price of food to having a job at Thanksgiving.  You are very right, that attention must be paid.  However, you do not have to be in the sleepless nights cycle.

My first piece of advice is to STOP listening and talking about what’s wrong with this or that.  My second piece of advice is to STOP blaming this person or that business or wall street for the economic problems this country faces.  I caught a small snip it of an interview with a woman who works on a TV show who said:  “…when I watch the news, I do not understand anything they say about the financial this and financial that and what is causing this and what to do over here… head is spinning….does anyone really understand this stuff?”  Her query is just that.  Those of us who are lay women do not for the most part know what is going on out there.

So my question is, why will worrying about it lift you up, make you sleep better, put food on the table and a roof over your head?  It doesn’t.  You can be a center of calm for your family and in your cubicle.  Refuse to engage in this discussion.  I know a woman who actually has made her position very clear and gets up and leaves the area so as not to drag herself down.

Focus on your blessings. This is a precious time that you have to be a model to those you work with and to those precious little ones at home and even to your teenagers.  They worry too.  They may not show it but they do.  Have a frank, age appropriate discussion about your own family’s finances.  When my children were in the “give-me-more” mode, my husband and I sat them down with the pile of bills and the check book and the stamps and had them write the bills out.  The bottom line really becomes real with that one. 

This is a perfect opportunity to practice excellent financial skills before your family and openly talk about how to live within your budget.  Children are very resourceful and can come up with all kinds of ideas about how they can help from taking a shorter shower to turning out the lights.

Heed the tug of your heart.  Draw near and sit down and have dinner at home and an after dinner talk with your family.  When you go out to eat with your colleges at lunch, bring a brown bag and model what pulling back looks like.  You will be the one with money in your pocket and they will be showing a facade.