The Focus Box

What’s in your “Focus Box” today?

Take your pen and draw a square on a sheet of paper.  On the top of the box write:  My Focus Box for TODAY

Inside the box put three numbers: 1. , 2. , 3.

Now write in the three top things that you must finish today. Go ahead write them inside the box.

Now on the white space outside the box, I’d like you to draw several arrows which point to the box.  These are the “Distraction Items” which interrupt your day and cause you not to complete those three items in your Focus Box.

What are some of the “Distractions” which vie for your valuable time?

Yep;  email (draw an arrow and put email on it)….what else?

Yep;  phone calls (draw another arrow and put phone calls on it)….what else distracts you from your focus?

Once again you are correct; needless interruptions from peers, salesmen, etc. this includes text messaging…..what else?

In a matter of moments you can easily reach overwhelm!  No we do not plan on being overwhelmed, but we quickly get to this state by stewing over our upset, our emotional charge to whatever is pulling us away from our “Focus Box”.

Hey,  I have some great news for you; YOU my friend can manage things in your life, on your computer, on your phone and in your business. Yes, YOU! 🙂

You are the one holding the wheel.  Emails, text messaging, phone calls are ALL someone else agenda driving you.  Take back the wheel!!

Here are several options you have at your immediate disposal:

No; not now

Yes: that goes into my Focus Box today

Give that over there a new date to complete

Pause, not now

Focus on this one

You must focus on one thing at a time.  It is the only way you can move forward and feel accomplished on any given day on any given task which is in your Focus Box.

So, what’s going in your Focus Box?



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