The Finish Line – Part 2

Last time we talked about crossing the “Finish Line”.  Today I’d like to take that one step further and see how a finish line might look in every area of your life.  If you will recall we each have about 9 life areas.  Some will have less, some more.  These life areas are:  Our Personal Environment (or your home), your Family/Parenting, your Finances, Your Growth Opportunities (and there are three of those; your personal ones, your professional ones, and your spiritual ones), next is your life area of “Fun”, then your Relationships (and there are several categories of these:  “Intimate Personal” ones, “Social Personal” ones, Professional ones, and your Friendships), you have a life area which is all about your Health/Wellness/Aging, and your Spiritual area, and finally your Career.

So let’s look at what a “finish line” might look like in each.

The “Finish Line” in your Personal Environment (or Home) might be:   Moving from your family home into your very own first apartment.  Or moving from your apartment into your first home.

The “Finish Line” in your Family/Parenting might be:  Putting your little one on their first ride on the big yellow school bus for kindergarten.  Or seeing your teenager pass their driving test.  Or watching that same child graduate from High School or College.

The “Finish Line” in your “Finances” might look like this:  You finally pay off your car loan!  You finally have enough money saved to take a cruise!  You are able to say:  “WE ARE DEBT FREE!”

The “Finish Line” in your areas of “Growth Opportunities” might look like these:  “I now know what living in a state of “grace” means.” Spiritual.  I can say that I have my home in order and I have released all those things that no longer serve me. (Personal)  My professional life is on the right track and I now know what an opportunity looks like when it comes my way. (Professional)

The “Finish Line” in your “Fun” area looks like this:  I am so glad we went to the beach for the weekend, I needed to break away from all of this drama going on here in the city.  I feel refreshed!

The “Finish Line” in your Relationships looks like this:  (Personal Intimate):  Today I ended a long relationship with a person who was not ready to make a commitment.  (Personal Social):  I have decided that I will no longer go out for “Happy Hour” with my peers, because it only makes me depressed.  (Professional):  Today, I decided that I will no longer be a member of my XYZ association and attend meetings, because they do not bring in the leads that I need.  (Friendships):  I know this will be hard for so and so to take, but I know that I will end this friendship with so and so, because we no longer are on the same page in our lives.

The “Finish Line” in our life area of “Health/Wellness/Aging” might look like this:  I just got home from my annual check up and my numbers are going down hill.  I will stop what I am currently doing and educate myself and start to be a more healthful person through small living and eating changes.  Next year my numbers will be back in the “healthy” category.

The “Finish Line” in your “Spiritual” life area might look and sound like this:  I have tried to fix my life in every area and I seem to be failing still.  The only place that I have paid little attention to since I left home is dealing with the things that bother me about “religion” and all the baggage it brings up in me. I am going to deal with this part of my life and come to some place of peace.

The “Finish Line” in the life area of “Career” might look like this:  Today, I was laid off and I have no idea what I am going to do.  I will give myself tonight off and put my office box of stuff in the garage (except my contacts) and begin tomorrow to find a new job.  I am worried and so sad.  I know and was told it was not my performance or my numbers, but the economic times which forced the lay offs.  I will begin tomorrow to look for employment.

What do the finish lines in your life areas look and sound like?