The Finish Line Parat 3

For the past two posts we have been exploring what “Finish Lines” look like in our lives.

What have you learned about your own finish lines?

Has your perspective changed any?

You know when we see a “Finish Line” for what it really is, the finish line can be a very exciting time in our lives.

A finish line “SIGNALS” a new beginning is about to happen.  “Beginnings” are very exciting, scary, and full of anticipation!  If you are a pessimistic you would think of “Beginnings” as dreadful, high anxiety, sweaty palms and to afraid to even begin.  Where do you land?

These are both (Finish Lines and Beginnings) “Transitions” in our lives.  Our lives are full of them, just like the gradual changing of the seasons and like the seasons, we cannot stave off a finish line nor a new beginning.  A sunset ends one day and a sunrise begins a new day.

If we live are lives in a state of resistance and confusion about what has just ended or just begun we will be wasting precious time in a thick pot of pea soup!

We were meant to transition from one thing to the next.  From one season to the next, from one finish line to the next new beginning.  See these for what they are:  Great Moments of Opportunity!

Today is a new beginning and a new opportunity, make the most of it.