The Experience vs The Reality

Well, here we are just a few short hours from one of the largest, most expensive, food laden, relative saturated events in the United States, so how are you doing?  I am positive you are not sitting there behind the compute mindlessly surfing the web and reading your bookmarks.  Although “The Millennials” are absorbed in the photos and spying on their acquaintances during these holiday breaks! 

Let me ask you as question;  “What happens inside of you when the “idea” of the Holiday Expereince does not turn out the way you envisioned it?”  What is your very first response?  I personally have a “Oh-no” moment of self pity and tell myself, that’s not how I pictured this turning out at all.  The I proceed to say:  “…you know you have no control over anything at all that happens here….”; and then I tell myself:  “…that’s right, I am not in control, so just let go of it and move on…”

It may seem like a small thing, but in reality, it is huge.  Let go and move on!