The Downward Spiral of Doubt

Have you ever thought about what happens the instant that you have “doubt”?  Here’s something that I have known for some time, but I have been unable to articulate it until today.  Let me tell you what happened.

This morning, I was doing my own personal “routine” that I do every morning.  As I was in the part of the routine where “I Choose” to be quiet and stay in a time of reflection this is what came to me.

Here is the spiral of “Doubt” which draws us down, inside and very deep within ourselves.

First we experience “Fear”

Second we move into “Doubt”

Third is when “Uncertainty” comes along

Fourth is the moment that we “lose all Trust”

How would a person “counter” this downward spiral?

First:  ASK:  Where did this doubt come from?

             ASK:  Is this true?

Second:  Combat your Fear and Doubt with “Truth”

Third:  Strengthen yourself against uncertainty by stepping out of the “Doubting Conversation” ( stop gossipping, and all water cooler talk),

Meditate or Pray on what is truth and what is fiction, (this is your own personal “Faith” in action)

Fourth:  Be Bold:  Ask for a solution and  Ask how to handle it.  Then, remain quiet until you have an answer.  Be honest with yourself.

Here’s what I know from experience:  “Do Not Exaggerate!”  Exaggeration does not benefit anyone.  Exaggeration solves nothing!