The Chairs In Life

Recently I was out shopping for a “Chair”.  The experience that I had was fascinating.   Do you remember when the VW “Bug” car came back on the market after a long absence?  I know that in the local area where I live our VW dealer got a couple in and the traffic that went past the dealership would slow down to take a nostalgic look-see.  Then one day as I was driving my daughter to school, I found myself behind a bright green VW Bug!  I was very curious and I got up real close at a stop light to see if……”YES….indeed”……there was a vase on the dash board with a “Daisy” place inside.   After that spotting of the bright green “Bug”, I began  to see “BUGS” everywhere!

Now just like seeing those cars around, as I started shopping for a “chair”, I started seeing chairs of all kinds all around me in my life.  This started me to thinking about what are the chairs that we sit in during our life span.

When you came home from the hospital you were placed into a infant car seat.  Your first chair.

Then you graduated to a high chair.

A couple of year later you were sitting in a booster seat.

During your educational years you sat in a school chair for a very long time (18+ years to be exact)

Once you were 16 or so you could sit in the drivers seat of the family car (now that was a step in the right direction “seat wise speaking”!)

On your own you found yourself stuck in a cubical in an ergonomic chair

Then you needed lots of chairs to fill your home.  A chair to eat at the table, a chair to watch TV in, perhaps a set of patio chairs for the summer and so on.

When you went on vacation you needed a poolside chaise lounge or perhaps a beach folding chair.

As your life went forward and you your raised your family and then retired you retired to your “Lazy Boy” to watch all the sports games and shopping channels that you had missed all those years while sitting in the cubicle. 

Now you are much older and you are held captive in this wheel chair.

Now life doesn’t look the same for all of us and this is just a “story” after all so don’t get too alarmed but, stop for a moment and think about all the “Chairs in Your Life”.  You can take a quick check of your pulse on other similar things in your life such as; “The Hats You Wear During A Lifetime”, what hat are you currently wearing?  Perhaps you are a new mom, or a mom with teenagers, or the mother of the bride, the grand mother etc.   You get the idea.  Our lives are filled with images, roles, hats and chairs.  

We are a species “IN PROCESS”.    How’s your process going?