The Basic 6 Learning Styles

I want to say right here at the onset that I am not a specialist on this topic.  However, as with anything in life you can find someone who is a PhD or MD on any topic to be on the positive side of the statement and you can find someone who is a PhD or MD on the negative side of the argument.  Make question is to what end does it matter?  And if you are on one side or the other no amount of persuasion is going to move you to the other side until it “Matters to You” or “It Impacts Your Life”. 

So let’s begin:

1.  Auditory Learner:     Someone who learns best by listening.

2. Visual Learner:  Someone who learns best by watching someone else do it.

3.  Kinesthetic and Tactile Learner:  Someone who learns best by seeing, doing and listening as the content is presented.

4.  Logical Learner:  Someone who uses logic, reasoning and systems to learn best.

5.  Social Learner:  Someone who learns while being inside of a collective group (peer, social, professional, or private).

6.  Solitary Learner:  Someone who learns best with self- study so that they can go at their own pace.

Now the question becomes, why do I care?  Well, if you have ever tried to learn something and you have made multiple attempts you know that if you are repeating, then it is not being presented in the most beneficial way in order for you “to get it”.  We have all been in the quandary. 

I know that I personally have requested material from presenters in person, in an email, and in a letter as to how “FOR ME” to get it, I need it presented in the form that I can digest.  Once I get it in that format, I get it! 

How about you?  What kind of learner are you?