The Awakening Of Your Eve

November 15th began with the “Awakening of Eve” for those fortunate women who sat eagerly awaiting the day which was to unfold ahead of them.  The Many Faces of Eve Live Event was held in Somerset County New Jersey.  Outside and inside, the strong winds of change blew all day long and true “awakening” occurred for these participants.

We began our day with the premise that we are all beginning at a foundational level of our inner most 4 foundational points.  Those are:  Spiritual, Social, Mental and Physical.  You see just because we “think” we know what our foundations look like with very little probing what we discovered is that this very basis from which we all emerge from is fuzzy at best, not well formed and every changing.  A foundation which is not firm cannot withstand the trials and stresses of our adult lives.

The second  discovery was the disservice that has been done to us by the “labeling” of “personality testing”.  In one way or another and no matter what the original goal for the assessing was done weare all still walking around with a big neon label slapped across our forehead and on our backs.  These labels we discovered do not define who we are as Eve.  They actually do us a huge disservice and get in the way of each of our unique personalities.

Our third area of exploration was how does Eve receive and give “love”.  In other words the discovery of each participants “love language” was very enlightening.  How we want to be loved and receive love is never communicated.  We assume the other person just knows and they have no clue.  On the other side we learned that the manner in which we try to show love to our loved one is always in our love language and not in their love language.  This was a big A-HA! for the Eve’s around the table. 

Then the main portion of the content began in earnest with a firm foundation poured into these precious Eves in the group.  We explore all the many faces of Eve, and her characteristics and traits.  We  looked at what each Eve looks like today in 2008.  We discussed what Eve’s are out there right now on the world stage and where they fit within the archetypes that we discussed. 

The hit of the day which drove home who each of these participants were as “Eve” began at the first inquiry of “Which Eve are you right now?”  After each segment of the presentations throughout the day, I asked this question and these Eve’s changed.  At the end of the day; they each had much to ponder and a challenge was issued to be aware that there are “Emerging Eves” out there among us in the form of daughters, nieces, younger neighbors and co-workers who are always watching and learning from each of us as Eves and what are we modeling for them.

Yes, each of the participants had their own “Awakening of the Eve” inside each one of themselves.

I invite you to join our next live event in 2009.  Stay tuned for details as we draw closer to the event.