The rarest of counselors, Janice, is one who authenticates…

The rarest of counselors, Janice, is one who authenticates: Not too soon after meeting her, now ten years later, I threw away my book of wonderful things to say about another because I realized that her giftedness surpassed all such descriptions—she is steadfast, one committed to unparalleled excellence, a friend, mentor and anchor; a woman who is unwavering in her devotion to my heart and my family. During those thorny moments of transition—those moments that few of us like to talk about—I have, as a successful counselor for thirty years, learned to adopt two precious words: Call Janice. And she has sat, without judgment, listening and guiding gently until the stars and heavens have returned to my soul. What has been the key to her strength? Never have I met one person, woman, or man, who has sought but one thing from life: Above all else, Janice’s path has always been about walking in the footsteps of God. She truly is one of the genuine candles of the human heart.