It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Janice…

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Janice. I have known Janice for 8 years now. We first met when we were both attendees in a bible study, then Janice served in the capacity of life coach for our entire staff of Blue Oaks Church where I was the Children’s Ministry Director, and most recently Janice led a group of us in the Values Transformation Tables through the John Maxwell Organization (Change Your World).

Janice facilitated group training and coaching of our church staff. Janice was specifically chosen by our executive pastor because of her deep commitment to biblical truth as well as her practical wisdom and knowledge. As a part of that training and coaching, I have seen her mentor and guide our pastors and staff, myself included, with her ability to ask probing questions at the right time. She is not afraid of difficult conversations, yet she communicates with compassion. She always holds us accountable to what we say we are going to do and is there to offer her support along the way. The experiences with Janice training and coaching our staff helped us not only to strengthen ourselves and our skills individually, but to solidify our staff as a better functioning group of people who live to serve God.