I have had the pleasure of being in a study group with Janice Bastani…

I have had the pleasure of being in a study group with Janice Bastani and she is an amazing mentor and teach.  She is constantly pushing me to strive and something new each day.  One of the most helpful things that I have discovered about Janice is her ability to listen to what is being said and to help one find a solution regarding the situation.  There have been many moments after we have talked about something I have had a sudden clarification of what we were studying.  Her ability to guide us is amazing.  I am constantly surprised by the A-HA moments I have.  As a retired teacher, Janice makes me want to continue to learn more and more.

Janice has an amazing background, and her life experiences help her to be the grounded person she is.  Because of her life experience she can relate to people in a very heartfelt and knowledgeable way.  Her compacity to understand others is off the charts.

I know Janice to be a lifelong learner and the books she reads, and studies is amazing.  She is always taking classes and she attends many conferences.  I can only hope to know a fraction of what she knows.  Janice has always made me want to strive to be better at what I do and how I respond to people in all walks of life and situations.