I am fortunate to have had Janice Bastani as my coach

Janice Bastani has been my Life Coach, Mentor and Business Coach and Consultant since March 2012. She has patiently worked with me through many situations in my life from business to family.   As a coach, she is a skilled listener with the ability to ask me just the right questions in order for me to come up with my own solutions.   As a Mentor, she has the wisdom to share with stories from her own experiences. This has helped me see a broader perspective and think outside-the-box to resolve challenges I’ve been faced.  As a consultant, Janice has the talent to always meet me where I am with my work issues with great ideas and new perspectives as well.  Janice has the highest integrity, she is positive and a highly skilled Coach, Mentor and Consultant.  I would recommend Janice without reservation.  I am fortunate to have had Janice Bastani as my coach.