“Technoisolation”© – what do you think this is?   This morning on the early morning entertainment (not news) programs, there was a puff piece on “addiction to face-book et al”.  That is one of the components to all of this technology and how it becomes our entire W-O-R-L-D.   We each have become so “dependent” on the technology to stay in the loop, stay connected, stay informed, being busy bodies that we have forgotten how to have one to one relationships.

Today’s parent who has a child of any age who has a computer or cell phone or blackberry of any kind has a problem.   Just like the parents of past generations there must be limits set on how much time is spent on each of these mediums and what they are doing on each site.  Here where I live there are several schools who issue lap tops in August and all work is distributed and sent in via the lap top.  So the child is forced to comply or fail. 

The same is true in the work place.  If all of your private and your work “technology communication” is done via your work computer, blackberry or cell phone then who do you think knows what you are doing?  The regulations and rules here are very grey.  If I were in this position, I would use two separate devices; one for my job and one for my private affairs.  Who actually owns what you put out here in cyberspace?

I continue to notice in public places such as airports that people will be on their cell phones calling from the baggage carousel to the person picking them up and even when they see each other there are still talking on the cell phone and then when they get to each other and hug they say bye on the cell phone first and then hug.  If I didn’t see this so much I would let it go….what does that say to you?

If you find yourself staying inside and constantly monitoring your “social websites”, “texting”, “surfing the web”, and basically you interaction with other humans to less than one hour a day, you have a serious problem. 

 As I watched the morning news programs and the traffic report came on, I happen to look up at the TV and see nothing but red tail lights going up one side of the screen and white headlights going the opposite way.  As I got lost in the picture of grid lock here in the NYC area I could feel myself getting tensed up and stressed and I am at home in my pjs!  Here we have something called “grid alerts” which means grid lock in the city and all roads into the NYC area due to the time of year.  I thought to myself, I bet every one of those people in those vehicles is on a cell phone or similar device texting and or talking to someone and they aren’t exchanging pleasantries. 

Let me ask you the question:  “How much of your life is spent in “Technoisolation”?” 

In 2010 what can you change?

We will explor more on this next time.