Technoisolation 2

Last time we discussed what happens when we are isolated with technology.

My question to you was:   What would you change in 2010?

The amount of time that I spend on my mobile device is the answer to your own freedom.

This will actually give you great stress relief and great freedom. 

How?  This is no different that beginning a new life change program.  Do you remember when you perhaps wanted to  be a member of some team or group in your school days?  You had to jump through some hoops in order to qualify, try out, or join.  That in turn required you to stop or cut back on doing something you currently do in order to pursue this new thing. 

You have done exactly that in order to be so immersed in technology. 

You have given up:

* that same amount of time which as free to you before (so if you feel like you have less time…surprise you have less time….because you have decided that “technology” is more important!

*that same amount of time where you took the time to balance your checkbook and write you bills so that they were paid, on time, and filed away and available for use at  tax time are now….late, perhaps incorrect because of the distraction, a big headache at tax time because the pieces of paper are not in one place with easy access….no surprise here….technology has taken over the first priority instead of having your finances in order….

*that same amount of time when you make have opted to go out with friends or deepen a love relationship is now a mindset of; “gosh….I just don’t have the time….”, when in reality again you are of the thought that you might miss something and you must be informed at all times.  Haven’t you ever been with another person who is constantly on their mobile device and they never look up at you and you are wondering:  “Why am I even here?”   Technology has taken over the #1 spot in their life.

*  getting things done on your own to do list.  Do you ever have your cell phone on your person when you are in the bathroom?   What about when you put a load of clothes into the washer or dryer?   How about while you are doing the dishes?   Bathing a child?  While you are lying in bed at night?  What is so earth shattering that you need to know while you are sleeping?  What will be different in the short amount of time that you are in the bathroom, doing dishes or throwing a load of clothes into the dryer?

People, let’s get realistic about how “important”, “IMPORTANT” really is.  

If a Hollywood producer were to film your secret life that no one else sees, how many people would pay to see you sitting, fingers flying and staring for hours at a index card sized black hole?

Look around….life is passing you by………