Teaching Point

Imagine this;  it is the end of a long day, you have taken a shower and washed off the remains of the day from the outside of your body, your teeth are clean, you’ve just put on clean pajamas and you slide into fresh sheets and your head drops onto your soft pillow, then the weight of TODAY hits you.  We may be squeaky clean on the outside, but our mind is running a muck with the mental remains of our day.

What if you looked through those remains as a day full of teaching points?

What would you pull out as the teaching points of the day?

Think about your day; what lesson is now clear that you had no notion of this morning?

What are the top three?




I was thinking about this recently and it occurred to me that these top three are also much more in my life and in your life.  If we think about it, those teaching points, those lessons also show us our blessings.  They also show us where we have strengths and where we have weaknesses.

As you think about this, ponder the blessings.  I think you will find that falling asleep counting your blessing is a wonderful way to drift into sleep.




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