Taking Time….

What are you “taking time” to do ?

Do you need to call someone you love?

Do you need to buy a plane ticket or get in a car and drive to see someone you love?

Do you need to write a letter and ask for forgiveness from someone you have wronged, at sometime along your own road of life?

Do you need to tell someone you love, “I Love You”?

What do you need to take the time to do?

This week our family buried my Mother of 77 years of age.

This week my Dad lost his life long partner and wife of 58 years.

This week 8 grandchildren said goodbye to their Grandmother who gave tea parties, and baked cookies and held their hands when they were afraid, didn’t have a fit because one of them broke something while visiting. A Grandmother who watched them all grow up cheered at sporting competitions, sat in musical concerts, watched them walk across a stage to receive honors and graduate from the West Coast to the East Coast from the North and down South.

This week four daughters buried their Mom, and their friend.

This week four son-in-laws lost a great Mother-In-Law.  Everyone of them liked and loved their Mother In Law.

I had no unfinished business between my Mom and me.

No words unsaid.

Only love.

Five months ago my husband and I were cheering on Ohio State at a home game which we faithfully attended every year and today she is gone.

In five months who might be gone from your life?

Today and I sat by the towering figure that is still my Father, some how seemingly much more fragile today, in church, the visiting pastor gave a statistic that really hit home with us;  “….every day 140,000 people die in the United States…”

We each called my parents every day of these last days of her life to encourage her and to support him as her main care giver.

So who do you need to “take time” for?

I encourage you not to wait another day.

Pride and fear are a “life eater” and they will eat every second of your life away.

Who to you need to “take time” for today?

The house is quiet and at peace somehow.

No one is struggling to live on this night.

My Mom has changed her address from this stressful thing we call life to HEAVEN.