Sunlight Up Ahead!

We have just finished a series of blog posts where I have walked you through coming up and out of that dreadful place of downward spiral.

There is no greater feeling than being able to come out of a dark place and turn one’s face toward the sun and let that warmth penetrate your face and entire being.

There is no greater feeling than the ability to take a deep breath of fresh clean air (you will remember that feeling if you’ve ever been pregnant and you couldn’t take a deep breath and then the moment of birth you suddenly have the capacity to take a deep breath again!).  It’s like that!

I have found it amazing how depleting own things is in my life.

The testament to this is the quantity of advertising about how owning something will change one’s life or all the reality shows or all of the lottery advertising that bombards us every day.

When one buys those “must have, life changing items” what actually happens?

When a person buys a lottery ticket every week for a lifetime – who is benefiting from your personal donation to their lives?

Who is paying that credit card bill once the item is now gone (consumed, lost, broken or of no use as it was promised)?

When you own things, they take control of your time.

This STUFF has to be maintained,

This STUFF has to be cleaned,

This STUFF takes up space we each need to BREATHE!

That’s how it all starts.

I encourage you to stay up here in the clean air.

You will be the one with the outstretched arms and feeling free of the burden of bills and disappointment.

You are not less, because you do not own something or are not doing what others are hooked into.

You are actually MORE….because you are putting yourself and your well being first along with your family when you decide to say NO to the world and decide for yourself what it is that you really need.

We all know life is all about relationships and relationships cannot be bought or sold.

They take time and nurturing and neither of those involve buying anything.

It takes the giving of ones self.

The only one who can give that away is Y-O-U!