Summer & The Education Cycle

June is upon us and as all of us do our thoughts turn to “Summer”.  Even if you are long past your own last summer vacation our thoughts drift back to those carefree days of summer fun. 

However, as an adult and as a parent we each see the value of not letting knowledge slowly leak out the ears over the basically 90 to 120 days of summer vacation.  The same is true for us as adults.  One never stops learning in life.  

For some reason we have a mindset that when we don the cap and gown we are “finished”!  The truth is no one is ever finished with their learning.  I know it took me years to figure this out. 

The thing that turned the tide for me was the realization that I could decide to learn or not to learn.  It was totally my decision.  What a freeing idea.  I am in charge of my own growth. 

We will develop this idea further next time.    What will you decide today?