Success or Blame

Today, if I asked you to sum up your week so far which of these two words would you use?

Success        or          Blame

You are responsible for everything in your life.  This may be hard for you to believe, but deep inside we all know it to be a truth.

If we see our lives as a success we are quick to  grab the credit and all the glory that comes with it, but watch out if we are in an unsuccessful place, out come the finger of blame and it is point to anything and everything, but never at us.

All of us have known others who seem to always be moving up, forward, standing on top of the mountain and we stare in amazement and wonder about how they got there.

We usually settle for some trite explanation that makes us feel good in order to accept or reject their success.

What’s the reality – really?

You only see the “END RESULT” of what may have been decades of toil and long hours and sacrifice with tons of heaping truckloads of failure and disappointment which you never saw; much less experienced with them when they were in the trenches climbing to the success pentacle.

Let’s take a deeper look into your life right now.

What is your plan?

What are the steps today that will get you to that place you are looking for?

What is on your calendar tomorrow?

And the next day and the next after that?

You see if we fail to have a plan, our plan in all reality is to fail.