Success First in our Business Life and our Personal Life

We are almost done with our exploration of the 7 factors that play a big part of our Business and Personal Lives.  Today we will examine the 6th factor which is “SUCCESS FIRST”.

Keeping success first no matter what happens is a key component in a positive forward motion in business and in private life. 

Dwelling on the loss of this client, or that contract, or hiring that certain person, or getting a specific account breeds failure.  In our private lives when we dwell on loss we engage in the gremlin of old negative self talk and the tape plays over and over and life passes us by.  Keeping success first and seeing each outcome as a learning growth opportunity turns this right around and put us in positive territory.

Have you ever heard anyone talk about positive energy?  Have you ever heard anyone talk about negative energy?  Well I happen to have a coaching credential to assess and coach around the topic of Energy Leadership.  What I learned is that positive energy which is also called Anabolic Energy can be measured and we have a voluntary choice to live in a state of “Positive Energy” in our business and in our daily personal lives.

On the other hand there is a term which defines this negative side it is called “Catabolic Energy”.  A person who goes around with this frame of mind is living in a state of being a victim in life.  Here too, a person can ultimately decide if they have a negative happen to them they can decide if they want to dwell down there in that negative state; or they can decide to say:  “Yep that was a bad one, I will learn from that and I will take the lesson I learned and move on.”

There is a distinct difference in these two mindsets.  When we keep success first and take the rest as a lesson to learn from we will again be moving forward.

Our last installment will take up the Factor #7 which is GOAL ORIENTATION.