Success as a follower

Knowing who you are following is very important in your personal life and in your professional life.  Blind obedience is not always a good thing.  You explored this concept in the last post  when I asked you to answer several questions about who you are following, learning from, watching, reading and listening to in several areas of your life.  Today, I want to take this concept of examination one step further.

If you are a followers of a particular faith and there are many, I challenge you to do a cross check of the person, group, leader or guru you are following with your holy book or what ever you use a the supreme source of clarity in your faith.  As I am Christian, I vet people, ideas and trends with my Bible for instance.

I encourage you to “guard” the pathways, in roads and gates to your core being!  Do you know what those are?  You have many gates which can be breached.  You can be influenced and breached through you ears (hearing something), your eyes (seeing something), you skin (being touched), your mouth (by tasting something), your intimate areas of your body, your mind, your soul and when all of them are assaulted you have a very unsuccessful person which tends to spill over into every area of your life.

This is heavy stuff, I get that, and it is happening every second of every day to billions of people.

What happens when you find a contradiction that makes you uncomfortable, unhappy or feeling dismayed at your choice?

What do you do?

Are you not called upon to live at a higher standard?

So if you are of the thinking that you want to be held to this higher standard, then why do you bend to release the burden of being congruent with your beliefs?

This my friend is a much deeper thought process in this whole topic of success and how we make our decisions.  This conflict is a query and incongruence in your very core belief system, your soul, your heart and mind.

If you are not aligned inside and outside you will be struggling and feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied for your foreseeable future.

Those of you who are followers, pay money for the expertise and teaching, the knowledge from another must be aligned with you, or you must change and align with them.  Do you feel slighted in some way?  Do you feel ridiculed for what you believe?  Do you feel you are attached and cannot get out?  If you feel preyed upon for your inadequacies, are you willing to turn and walk in another direction?  Where are you willing to run to?

I want to leave you here essentially hanging, because I want you to really think and ponder what I have just presented.  If you feel agitated….good…that means you have some work to do.

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