Stuck in Limbo

There are times when we all seem to be “stuck”.  No matter what we do we can’t seem to move out of the spot we are in.  Or maybe it’s a rut we’ve been living and working in for a long time.

If you think that YOU have tried everything you know of and you have tweeted and facebooked everyone you know and no answer or opinion has moved your peg one inch, then it’s time for a new way of thinking about why you are stuck and how to get yourself unstuck.

If you have been in the position for more than a couple of months, ask yourself these questions and see if something is triggered deep in your subconscious that might give you a clue when this all went into a quagmire.

1.     When do I first remember this train (my life) going off course?

2.     What was going on then?

3.      Who was playing a key influencing role in my life at that time?

Do you have some answers?

Okay, let’s go to the next step in our process here.

1.      What did you feel when you realized you were off course?

2.      What stopped you from continuing on?

3.       To whom did you give all the power to in your life to make your decisions for you?

Ohhhhhhh…..that one stings doesn’t it.  You see we have to willingly give our power away to someone else to get in this predicament.  Most of the time this all revolves around “responsibility”.  Our mindset becomes:  if I don’t do anything, decide anything, or just stand back and to the side someone else will make the decision and therefore have all the responsibility.   This is flawed thinking.  You decision to not step up and make a decision, is my friend a DECISION and you so own every consequence that comes along with your indecision.

Are you angry yet?    Who are you upset with?

That’s right, you should be pretty peeved at yourself.  No one can step in and be you, decide for you, and live your life for you.

What is that thing, thought, belief that is holding you back and got you in the dark corner over there crouching in fear?

No matter what the decision is that you make, what is the worst thing that could actually happen in your life?

How many different outcomes are there to your decision?   Realistically there aren’t that many.

If the outcome is neutral then you haven’t lost or gained anything.  You are virtually unchanged.

If the outcome is negative, then what do you have?   You didn’t have it before the decision and you still don’t have it.  You have a mistake, you learn from, and you file that away and know not to do that again and move on.

If the outcome is positive then you add something to your life experience, flash a smile, pocket that valuable experience and move forward.

When we get stuck and can’t get unstuck, that a real life waster.



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