Strong Inside First

What does this mean?

To be strong inside means to know what you believe.  To have  strong values.  To have excellent decision making skills.  To have discernment and a host of other attributes.

How strong are you inside?

Let’s say that you work in a major department store at a big mall here in the US.  What do you know already about your self, your store, the product that you sell, the customers who come into your department, how inventory works, what is the first thing you do when you come in to clock in in the morning?   Those types of things.

You see you really do know a whole lot more than you think you do!

OK so let’s take that one step further.

In your last performance review;  what did you get?

If you got a:  “MEETS” ; then you know you are doing the “minimal” amount of work to come in do your job, get paid every two weeks and go home.  You will not advance and you will be pretty much where you are until you fall to the next level which is:

“DOSE NOT MEET”; when an employee gets a “Does not meets” as a performance evaluation, then he/she can pretty much understand that they are about to be let go if their performance does not improve.  There is usually a time limit on raising the standard to “MEETS”.  If nothing improves then the person is let go for nonperformance.

You might be lucky enough to receive the coveted review of “EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS”; now that one has the opposite affect on your fragile ego.  It means you have performed above and beyond the minimal requirements of your job description and perhaps some other great things are going to be in your future real soon.

Being “Strong Inside First” is the equivilant to “EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS” because you have already done that all important inner work in order to perform and live and work at a higher level than those around you. We know that those of you who are wired like this have less stress and a more fulfilling life than those who do not.

What can you do today to be “Strong Inside First”?