Stories of the Present

What story are you spinning today in your life about yourself?

All of us go around spinning a tale that may be embellished or it may go in the other direction, we are not really that talented, smart, creative, a good this or that.

To what end?

How will being more help you in whatever it is that you are searching for?

How will being any less make you appear differently to others?

May I encourage you; the next time your mouth opens to speak that you let words of love and affection about yourself pour out.   Be proud of who you are and what you do right now in this moment.

If you’ve done something wrong or wronged someone, speak up and say so.  Do not try to squirm your way around the truth with cleaver speech.

If someone else needs to be credited for something….give it willingly… will not lift you up to withhold.

What truth do you need to speak today?