Sticky Situation


Etiquette is in a state of dignified decay. Earlier this year ,  the French “Bling Bling” President, Nicholas Sarkozy has been doing his obligatory State visits with his new girl friend Italian beauty Carla Bruni. Sarkozy is divorced from his wife of 11 years since October 2007. New and not so new behaviour is being played out for the world to view. What does this say about a country when the behaviour of a President, an Emperor, a Prince, Prime Minister, or other Royal has a girl friend, lover or other along?
First and foremost, this is not a new occurrence. In 1936, after just 325 days as King, Edward the VIII, up his crown and his title for “love”. Mrs Simpson, an American, twice divorced, would never make a proper Queen. So Edward abdicated and chose his love for Mrs. Simpson. Many years later there were swirling rumors around the Kennedy marriage and goings on between the a married President and the ladies. Then there was the beautiful Diana, Princess of Wales and her Prince, Charles. Affairs, divorce, death, a new woman, a new marriage and that whole succession issue again was on the table. President Bill Clinton’s trusts in the oval office are still a touchy subject when it comes to White House Interns. This is not something one, can make go away. What about Senator Clinton’s presidential campaign and what will Bill do with all that time on his hands? These are but a few of the affairs of the heart and those in office. What behaviour and Whom, do you want to represent you?
In today’s society, it is pretty much anything goes. Generation “X”, ” Y” and “Millennials” as a group are pretty accepting of these headlines and do not pay much attention to them. However, other heads of state and countries are not so accepting of this behaviour. During his visit to Saudi Arabia, President Nicolas Sarkozy, was asked to ”…..leave her at the hotel……” politely, but firmly. Later this year President Sarkozy will go to India, where they also have a problem with the lover, girl friend relationship.
President Sarkozy offered the same kind of pink, heart-shaped, diamond ring to new girlfriend Carla Bruni as his ex-wife Cecilia had been seen wearing only a few months ago. Does this mean a Presidential marriage is in the offing? Is it OK now to bring her along? Judge for yourself…Bruni has not always supported marriage. “I’m monogamous from time to time, but I prefer polygamy and polyandry,” she told the Figaro Madame magazine a year ago, adding: “Love lasts a long time, but burning desire, two or three weeks.” Bruni has a young son from a previous marriage….so when he’s old enough what will he think about her views? The French public is not to happy either. In a Reuters news article: “The heavy media exposure of the president’s personal life, affecting the function of the president, clearly offends traditional sections of government supporters,” he said. “The fall among older people, who we know are attached to traditional values, is significant from this point of view.”
The media has been very busy lately, watching all of the comings and goings, but it was the florist coming in and out with so many flowers that gave the ceremony away, and yes it is true, the two did exchange vows,  As I watched the international news, one French woman said, "…now, maybe he can get back to running our country!"
I would just like to say to anyone who is representing a country, a state, a government, a local PTA, a global business, yourself or anyone with whom you must answer to at some point…THINK TWICE….. What are you selling? What are you communicating about the people and business you represent? If you sent someone you paid , out to represent you, is that how you would like to be portrayed? I seriously doubt it. If everything that you had put your heart and soul into vanished because of this one aspect of your employees’ global manners, would you still do it? What are you saying about yourself and those whom your represent?
If your employees are embarrassing you, write here and find out how you can elevate them in “Global Etiquette”, “Business Etiquette” and be proud of what you are sending out there.