Step Forward!

What’s holding you back from stepping forward into the future and life that you want?

I bet it is some type of fear that you harbor deep inside yourself.  In life we have all kinds of fears and they show up in many different ways.   You can have a negative running tape inside your head that tells you:  “….your not…(something)…like smart enough, pretty enough, old enough, too old, and on and on….”  You may carry around an assumption about a belief you hold around something that is completely false and you don’t even know that it is false, because you’ve never taken the time to actually research and test your assumption in your world at this moment in your life.  It may also be that you hold a specific interpretation around an event or outcome from a past experience that while it may have been true 5 years ago, last year or last month, it is no longer true and the outcome may be quite different today.

You know being “petrified” and “scared” is a natural emotion.  It is possible to be too sure of one’s self and become arrogant about what one can do.   Butterflies are a good thing.  This hesitation causes us to stop and consider all the options and possibilities but, it should not STOP us!

All of this conversation is about moving forward with your decisions in your personal life and in your professional life.

When you come to the place of:   stepping forward, make sure you have all the information you need and step out there.

You didn’t have whatever it is before you stepped forward so you haven’t lost anything.

I am a big believer in after every NO, I step forward and say “NEXT!” and move on with my life!



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