Step # 4 Freedom & Owning Your Future

Disconnecting and Processing are two fundamental HUGE actions that do not cost you anything.  The results of these two items and the benefits that they bring into your soul and mind and entire being are tremendous. 

Our next step is to:

The next morning when you are fresh and your subconscience has processed your previous day’s experience:

……..begin to write just one step toward in the answer to your first question.

I have found that I have written out all of my questions or want tos the day before on one page.  The next morning I write each Bigger Question on the next single page and write the answers and plan for that one question on one page and fill up my binder.

Look at your very first question and say to yourself "out loud":   In order to do this, be this, get to this place;

"My first step will be__________________________________________________________"

"My second step will be______________________________________________________"

and so on with each question.

This begins to set forth a loose framework from which to launch your future.

Still inspired to do more?

Get yourself a wall calender and put a date next to each statement.   This will be the date of when you would like to complete that step.

It would look like this:

My first step will be _______________________and I want to complete this by Month, day, year.

I would love to know what you discovered working this process.