Staying Your Course vs Changing Course

Reading and Learning for me personally is really a “Daily” item and habit in my own life.  I feel empty inside if I am not learning or moving forward in some aspect of my life.  Even when I am on vacation or taking a much need day of rest, I can appreciate what I have experienced and learned and read.  I see the results right in front of me and all around me.

What about you?  If I were to ask you to describe what your normal “course” is on any given day, what would you say?

Then I might ask you:  “How happy are you with your present “course”?” 

I want to write a phrase here, and if you would be so kind to actually read it out loud to yourself in its entirety and then answer, you will see what I am talking about.  Here’s the phrase:

“When I continually do what I have always done and do not get the desired results…I am actually choosing to fail and I alone must take 100% responsibility for my own choices.”

Wow, that is powerful.  It is powerful in the fact that it 100% up to me to make a change.  It is up to me to take responsibility for my own choices.  If something is turning out the way I want it to then only I can make a change.  I cannot change another person.  I cannot change an entire corporation.  I can not change ____________________________you will in the blank.

The only person whom I can control and change is myself.

Ask yourself:  “What could I do so that I can get a different result?”  This big secret here is not to limit yourself through “quantifying” your statement.  If all things work together for the good of ME, then if I choose a different path, I will get a different answer.

Try it and let me know what happens.