Staying Stuck in Negativity

Each and every one of us falls into the dark pit of “DRAMA”.  “DRAMA”  is all about the way in which we embellish what has happened to us, where we have been, how we are doing and making bigger or more exciting anything in our lives than it actually is.  This all about drawing the eyes of many and the ears of those around us to ourselves.  We each need to stand in some spotlight even if it is only for a short time.  We are all looking for significance. 

When our world is falling down around us, we begin to close ranks and retreat.  Suddenly doing well or getting by or your preplanning that is working is seen as somehow unfair to the rest of your circle of business peers and family and friends.  What do you do now at the water cooler?  Well, if you are normal you dive right in and become one of the doom and gloomers of what is swirling around in the United States today.   Did you notice recently that new dire problems are surfacing before the next administration is even in office?  It doesn’t matter where the information seems to come from it is like a plague that spreads as fast as a human sneeze.

This is very draining for you, your health, your family, your coworkers and society in general.  We have gone from a very negative society to several layers deeper and lower in the negativity scale.  This is not healthy for you, for me, for your business, your family, nor the plans of your children for their future, nor the future of this country.

What can you do right now?  There are many things that you can do, I have listed them here:

1.  Turn off the radio, TV and Internet, PDA news and all alerts to this negativity swirling around you and your family.

2. Refuse to join in the debates and conversations of the negative folks around you.  Instead go outside and walk around the building.  Even if it is frigid out there it will be more invigorating that the 4 walls inside the break room.

3.  Keep you eyes and your focus on keeping your family solvent and safe in all areas of your life.  Have a plan and work your plan. In other words, do not be moved or knocked off course by others.

4.  Celebrate ALL QUICK WINS.  A quick win is one where you achieve a small victory.  If you have the money to pay your bills or to buy food or gas or you are employed today, this week or this month, that is a victory.  Give thanks and engage you family in this part of “being thankful”.

5.  Every single one of us is responsible for the crisis that is around us in some way.  So stop blaming and casting and pointing fingers elsewhere.  If you have voted and your elected official is not part of a solution, you have contributed to the problem.  I’m not being a finger wagger here, I just want each of us to know that we all play a part in the whole in a small way or perhaps in a big way.  In other words, be accountable.

6.  Do not look elsewhere for someone or some entity to FIX everything.  Just as in #5, the fix begins with you and your part.  Take care of you bills, your family, and see to your own house first.  Yes, there will be sacrifices and there will be pain.  We are 5 years old.  We need to start thinking and acting like adults and that responsibility.

There is a lot that can be said about that “negative” little voice which plays havoc inside our heads.   What is yours telling you?  If this is a problem for you, and that little voice guides most of your decisions and thinking making your life very difficult or out of balance, that is job 1 for you.  Each and every time you start down this road, stop and ask yourself  if that thought you just had is moving you forward to what is needed for the month or is it giving you a self sabotaging excuse not to do something.  Turn the negative voice into a positive statement and follow that with the positive reason you will move forward and complete the task at hand right now.

I’d love to hear how this works for you.  We are all in a time of upheaval and transition.  We are all in the same boat.  Some of us have life jackets and others didn’t buy them.  Who are you in this boat on stormy seas?