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By Janice Bastani a Ruby Hill Resident

2015 is just about in the history book. How would you rate your year? In this final issue of Ruby Hill Living for 2015, I would like you to take some time and reflect back over your entire year. Thoughtfully evaluate all the entries in your calendar. I learned this technique from one of my mentor’s years ago and I am giving it to you in hopes that you will also find it helpful in your life as I have.

Sometime between the holidays and the New Year, set aside a block of time to go through your entire calendar – every day, every week and every month. Look at each entry.

As you read each day’s entries, take a pad of paper and draw a line down the middle. On the top left write, “KEEP” and on the top right side, write, “LOSE”. As you look at each entry, determine if it was worthwhile and you would do it again, and then write it under the “KEEP” column. If you get angry, grind your teeth, or let out a breath of exasperation upon seeing the things that you would not repeat in the upcoming year, write that notation under the “LOSE” column.

I hope that you will begin to see the things worth keeping in your life and devoting your most valuable asset – your time – to, and you will see those items, which drain your life and are not worth your time and energy.



You may also become aware of glaring “gaps” in your calendar where you need more quality time in certain areas of your life. For instance, if you do not see a two-week vacation taken, you need to calendar it for next year. If you find your health is not a priority, i.e. exercising, then this is an indication you will want to add in a regular time block to take care of yourself.

Look at this Life Wheel and examine your calendar while looking at it. It may help to prioritize the 12 [twelve] life areas Personal Environment/Home, Giving Back, Family/Parenting, Finances, Safety, Growth Opportunities, Self, Fun, Relationships, Health/Wellness/Aging, Spiritual Life and Professional Life/ Career around the center circle.


 “GREAT” meaning I am satisfied with the amount of time on my calendar in this area,


“Enough” meaning I have spent  enough time on this area,


“NEEDS MORE TIME”, meaning I have not spent enough time here in my life.


I would love to know what you discovered about yourself, your calendar and what you are keeping, deleting, and adding more time for in your life in 2016! Please email me with your questions, comments or suggests at:

In January, we will FOCUS on The High Performance Lifestyle.




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