Starting Small Can Create Something B-I-G!




Have you ever thought “I’d like to leave my mark on the world, but I have no idea where to do that, or how to begin?”  This is a noble thought, but until we put actions to our thoughts they mean nothing.  Ordinary people when moved to action are the ones who create lasting change for our world and in our lives.

What we need someone to show us the path, to point us in the right direction.  Every person on earth has a need to be significant and to make a contribution.  Yes, I know there are those who take more than they give.  Those folks will always be with us.  They are called diminishes.  BUT…you can be the opposite by being a “giver”.  Let me warn you here, do not be one of those people who say:  “….I will make a difference when……” this more than anything else will kill the drive to actually do something.  There is no perfect time, circumstances, money, people, when I retire or whatever you place after the word “when”.

Begin S-M-A-L-L.  Begin with the ordinary. Daily I get an update for an online community called “Next Door”.  Every week there are posts alerting those who live within the community that someone new has moved in?  There are those few who always post a note of Welcome to the newcomers.  That is something small.  Did you ever think if those new neighbors lived on your street how nice it would be to stop by and introduce yourself?  What about a basket of fruit?  What about a nice bouquet of flowers?  These are small things you can do.  Every big thing that you hear about started with one small step.

Here are some ideas of where to begin:

  1. Start Where You Are
  2. Start With Your One Thing
  3. Start Watching Your Words
  4. Start By Making Small Changes



Decide where you are right now and what you have in your own toolbox from which you can begin to Start Small and Believe Big. There are opportunities around us if we will only open up our eyes and see them.  We each also need to understand what is working for us and what is working against us.  Start and stay in your strengths and not dwell in your weaknesses.




Okay, so what are you going to step out and do this month?






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