Standards in Life, Standards in Business

A couple of days ago, I was like many of you, out and about completing many appointments, a long list of errands and just tying up some loose ends that just got shoved to the side in favor of more delightful activities at the end of 2009.  While I was at the pharmacy counter, the person behind the counter was in a running conversation, no it was more than that, a running argument about every single thing that was (from my vantage point) her job.  She was complaining load enough for the pharmacists to hear, all of the people in line to hear and for the people waiting in the drive up window.  What are the standards that she as an employee has to the company that employs her?  What is the standard of behavior that she should show to the public who is paying her salary so to speak?  What image is being portrayed at this business?

I will not bore you with the details.  Once I got in the privacy of my own car, I began my own tirade because of how many times I had been to this drug store trying to just get my own business taken care of. 

What are your standards in your life?

What are your standards in your business life?

Now think back over this past week or weekend and see if you can recall an incident like I experienced.   How did you react and then behave?

Are you still holding those standards I asked for earlier?   List your top 3 standards that you will not compromise on in your personal life.





Now list your top 3 standards that you will not compromise on in your professional life.




Have you got those 6 standards written down?

Which one (s) did you personally violate today, yesterday, last week, or last year?

What were your reasons for doing so?

What were your excuses for violating them?

What made you the exception from your own set of standards?

Very intriguing…yes?

What does this say about you?

I would love to know.

Here’s something to think about; you are normal.

No one on this earth is perfect.

When we put ourselves in the shoes of the other person, things usually look very different.

Are having standards in ones life a positive thing or are they something that keeps us trapped, stumbling and in doubt about being able to live up to those standards?



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