Stand Tall ~ The Third Billion

Did you know that by 2020 there will be a global revolution?

It will be “The Third Billion”!  Do you know what The Third Billion is?

The Third Billion are the one billion WOMEN who will be in the workforce and the new movers and shakers.  I recently read an article about this in Strategy and Business.  I was amazed at the statistics sited there about women and how their rise into the ranks as entrepreneurs will shake the very foundation of business come 2020!

For some 35+ years women in America have clawed and fought for this equality and injustice which we have always perceived as “put upon us”.  I propose that we chose to be in this position.  Not because we were “oppressed” but, because we did not have the tools, mindset, skill-set, and confidence to use exactly what are our strengths and our talents to rise up and fly.

The Third Billion is an unprecedented untapped resource which is rising up in another “revolution” of sorts with a endless pool of talent, and intellect.  We as women need to take note of this untapped resource which here to fore we have only given mention to on a couple of TV programs and about 10 books on the topic.

This is going to turn the return on investment on its head in a global sense.  Women traditionally put more emphasis and preparation and money into education than their male counterparts.  Women will die for the right of their child to become educated.

Women who own and run businesses globally plow  investments back into their companies a a greater rate than men running the same type of business.  The females seem to see a greater long term payback by doing this.

I was recently at an all female meeting of movers and shakers and this is exactly what one of the panelist, who was a female CEO here in my state, confirmed.  She said she puts her profits back into the business.

Watch out world The Third Billion is up and coming and they have a bright future, they are more talented than they are given credit for, they are educating themselves at a higher rate than their male counterparts, they have a very healthy aspiration for lifting themselves up, lifting up and moving forward their businesses and their countries.

Are there young women under your roof?  What are you doing to lift them up, empower them, to propel them forward and upward?

You are the one they look up to; what are you showing them today?