Springtime is a time for sowing seeds!

This past weekend, while I was out running a couple of errands, I noticed a large section of a major store had turned to a larger than usual amount of shelf space to “Seeds”.  You know the kind that come in the little packets that you can start yourself on your window sill and then transplant “after all danger of late spring frost” has past.

I know that late last year, there was a prediction about people going back to “basics” and planting gardens and opting to do the “sow from seed” route rather that the traditional “hot house plant” route.  This all got me to thing about how we ourselves sow seeds every single day in our own lives.  Here is how I see this process in our lives.

Day 1     We see something that we deem needs to be addressed (a problem, an issue, something)   Our vision of what our planting might look like when in bloom.

Day 2     We make a decision to say or do something about the item to be addressed.  This is our own mental “sowing” of the seed to want to plant.

Day 3     We do or say the thing we decided upon.  This is the actual planting of the seed.

Day 4     The person or thing that we did or said something to reflects on our words and deeds.This is the place where the seed is now germinating inside the fertile or non-fertile soil inside the person you planted into.

Day 5    That person decides to do or say something back to you.  Now this is the sprouting of the seed that you planted.

Day 6     That person says or does something back to you in response to your initial comment or deed.  Now you will see the price of your efforts of sowing.  You will see either a beautiful plant or a weed with thorns.

Day 7     The result that you wanted to see happen or the change that you wanted to see take place may or may not happen.  You are now witnessing the harvest of your planting.

So when was the last time you planted and harvested?   You see every single thought, leads to a decision, which in turn leads to an action of sowing.  Eventually you will harvest what you have sown.