“Sprialing Into Control” and Your Decisions!

When you first read the title of this blog did you actually read it correctly or did you really read this:  “Spiraling Out of Control…..”.  You see we go to the “dark side” immediately!  It is our default, I’m telling you this and I know it to be true.

What would happen if you could reverse that “out of control” part and change it to “into control” instead?

How would your life look differently?

Today I was thinking about this and when life gets to a point of “out of control” state, we as human do lots of interesting things:  some of us take to our bed and pull the covers up over our head for 1 hour and could stretch into decades.  While others drink themselves into a unconscious state.  Still others will eat and eat and eat until they are numb and whatever it is that sent them into the spiral is drowned as it were in food.  Some of us lash out and take out our frustrations and shortfalls on others verbally, non-verbally and physically.  Some of us just have to get “even” and give that other person or company or otherwise inanimate object what they have coming to them.

Okay, so that our “ugly side” of how to deal.

What about the other side?

You know, there have plenty of days when I actually tried to go back and pull the covers over my head, but after about 3 or 4 minutes, I threw them off.  It isn’t who I am nor is it how I solve these issues. I have been know to take a long walk and ramble to myself in the woods on our property.  I have been known to pick up a book and no matter what the book is about, it is all about me and how I am affected by whatever it is that is bothering me.  Have you ever done that?  It is bizarre!  Until I can get this whatever it is resolved, that is my “FILTER” for everything.  Just writing it makes me see how ridiculous it sounds and looks on paper!   But my head still goes there.

So what can I do?   What can you do?

Here’s an idea,  what if we stated the thing (whatever it is) in one long rambling diatribe on a piece of paper and put in all the emotional stuff that you feel onto those pages (I know this will not be a brief paragraph).  Just write and write and write and when your hand cramps up and your head hurts from grinding your teeth,  and when you turn the page you can actually feel the impression from your pen from the previous page…..what would happen then?

It is my experience that you would feel completely drained, and relieved that you have just emptied all of that negativity out of your system.  In neuroscience it is actually a way of making “space” in your prefrontal cortex to actually have new thoughts.  You have emptied out the negative (Catabolic) things and made room so that you can now think new thoughts to move you to a forward spiral upwards out of the depths you were just wallowing in.

Do you see how this works?

What do you need to begin writing on?



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