SPIRITUAL: What do you believe?

Well, today’s topic will push many people’s buttons, because it does have to do with your personal stance on your religious or lack of religious beliefs.  But, could we just not throw up the brick wall and just read what I have written here today?

Here’s the thing, each of us has had a role model or a prominent influencers in our life around what we believe or do not believe about that part of who we are and call:  “the spiritual”.

These show up early in our lives.   We have parents or a parent or guardians who have a spiritual base or they do not.   We learn by example.  We do what they do, until we get old enough to make our own decisions for ourselves or we move out of the family home and then make our own decisions about our spiritual life.

So, here are the questions each of us must answer in our to come to terms with this area of our lives:

What do I believe about my own spiritual life?

Why do I believe that?

Where did I get this belief?

Is this belief serving me today in my life?

What would I like to change about my belief?

How will I do that?

These are not brow beating questions, but rather an inner inquiry into who we are at our very core.

The story you tell yourself about any belief is just that; it is your agreement with yourself to justify what you believe about any given thing.  It is “My Story” and when we are asked about any of these life areas we are in the midst of studying, we immediately go to our mental file drawer and whip out “our story” and sell it, sell it, sell it to anyone who will listen.

The truth about the story is we are trying to sell ourselves, because we haven’t yet had the courage to ask those questions listed above.

What about you?

How would you answer those question above?



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