Spiritual: What do you believe?

Today I’d like to blog about the word “Spiritual” .  In my programs “Spiritual” takes up residence in two places:  one is as a foundational building block in your foundation and as a specific life area.  We all have a belief of some kind and that may have a name, it may be a philosophy, or it may be that you have no belief in anything anywhere in your life.  But, you still have a segmented part to your life where this resides.   The fact that you think about it, push back about it, step into it and embrace it by participation is a clear sign that it is in your life, carries energy with it and that you have compartmentalized it intellectually.

So let me ask you:  What is the belief you hold today around “Spirituality”?

When you think back, where did that come from?

When was the last time you examined what you believe in parallel with your  today and where you are in life?

If you find it hard to answer these questions or you have strong push back, it is time for a new inquiry and research into this area of your life.   It isn’t something to dread, it is a huge world to explore.  You know by exploring, you can really plant your feet firmly on what you do not believe and what is incongruent with who you are.  Knowing what is not you is very important.

As you hone in on what begins to resonant with you internally, ask yourself, what is it that fills my soul about this belief.    If there are multifacets to the belief explore those until you feel warm and really good inside about being with others who share that same space.

You will be amazed how up lifting this can be and how it can fill some of the emptiness that has plagued you for some time.

What do you believe about Spirituality?



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