Spiritual Cornerstone & Professional Growth

There is an interesting dynamic in the body of a woman who is in business and has a spiritual side to her life.  She is often torn with the decision of what to do to grow professionally and still keep herself grounded in her own spiritual faith and convictions.  If you find yourself scoffing at this notion please take note.  Have you ever felt uncomfortable in a professional growth situation within the boundaries of the “process”?

For those of us who have a deep abiding faith and in the viability of this cornerstone, we are acutely aware when lines have been crossed which may seem “OK” to others but do not align with our deeper core.  This is important because it goes to the deepest part of where you come from as not only a professional but as a woman.

You are a role model and mentor out there in the work place as well as at home.  We cannot be two different people.  If you have read this blog very long then you know what is coming next and that is your “congruency”.  You cannot maintain the facade of one person in the workplace and another at home for years on end; there is a toll to be paid.

So how does one stay congruent and relative and fresh and cutting edge in the workplace through professional growth?  What are you top three suggestions?  When did you last put them into play in your own field?  If they worked and they came from that deeper part of you; then you are congruent.  If on the other hand they did not work and you felt ill-at-ease with the whole idea, presentation and the fall out then, indeed you are coming from a place of “in-congruency”. 

Like everything else in life, our professional growth must have a deep rooted conviction in our own spiritual life, no matter whether you call yourself a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, or any other faith.  Professional growth happens and excels and soars when we are in alignment with our inner most core being.

Living your profession and living your faith path are not at odds with you and your life.  They strengthen each other and make you strong and a role model for those who look at you as a woman born to lead, succeed, and live her life to the fullest.